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Renova Group
banner renova1Renova Group of companies is Russia's leading private business group that consists of asset management companies and direct and portfolio investment funds owning and managing assets in metals mining, machine building, mining, construction development, energy, telecommunications, nanotechnologies, utilities and financial sector in Russia and abroad.

Renova Group is a stakeholder and strategic investor in the leading Russian and international companies, including such world class companies as UC Rusal, Integrated Energy Systems, Oerlikon and Sulzer. Renova Group integrated direct investment funds and management companies operating in the energy sector (IES, Avelar Energy), real estate development (KORTROS), portfolio investments (Columbus Nova), telecommunications (Akado Group), chemical industry (Renova Orgsintez) and precious metals (Zoloto Kamchatki).

Welcome to Zug
Zug – still to be discovered

Zug, the small, idyllic "metropolis" nestling between lake and mountains, is certainly cosmopolitan, and yet has still retained a friendly homeliness.  Situated at the gateway to Central Switzerland, Zug boasts some richly varied scenery as well as a wide range of services and activities to suit the needs of every visitor.

Guggiwiese 800

One of the top attractions is the historical, carefully restored old town with its ancient buildings, some of which are up to 500 years old. The lake is the most beautiful part of Zug: not only the sunsets but also the changing light effects over the water at all times of the day throughout the year. Then there's our local mountain, the Zugerberg, which attracts nature-lovers in general, and hikers, walkers and cross-country skiers in particular.
Grand Prix - Zug, Switzerland
FIDE and Renova Group of Companies are pleased to announce that the third leg of the Grand Prix series will be held between the 17th of April 2013 and 1st of May 2013. The organisation of the event, at such a late stage, has been realizable thanks to the generous sponsorship of the Renova Group of Companies.

More information can be obtained here

Arrangements have been made in Swissever Hotel in Zug.

The schedule has been maintained as originally announced and for sake of clarity is:

17th April 2013 Arrivals & Opening Ceremony
18th April 2013 Round 1
19th April 2013 Round 2
20th April 2013 Round 3
21st April 2013 Round 4
22nd April 2013 Free Day
23rd April 2013 Round 5
24th April 2013 Round 6
25th April 2013 Round 7
26th April 2013 Round 8
27th April 2013 Free Day
28th April 2013 Round 9
29th April 2013 Round 10
30th April 2013 Round 11 & Closing Ceremony
1st May 2013 Departure

FIDE is currently also working on a replacement organiser for the fourth leg and more information will be available shortly. The dates of the fourth leg will also remain the same as scheduled in the calendar.
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